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Tragedy Hits Woodson Ridge Danes

Well it has been a rough week here at Woodson Ridge Danes.  We had a fire early Wednesday morning (1/8/14).  We had 12 of our babies housed there and lost 9 of them in the fire.  3 managed to escape with only one of them having a burn on her hip.  We had moved them all to one building, which was the warmer of all of our buildings, due to the extreme cold.  We believe two of the younger girls managed to move the temporary, metal gate and began to play around in the hay, hence kicking up hay into the open flame.  It burned in less than 5 minutes and there was absolutely nothing I could do but stand there and watch. It seems the fire blew our transformer and we had no water either.  I have never experienced anything so horrific and hope I never do again.  On a more positive note, we had 2 litters in seperate whelping houses totally unharmed and an expecting mom in the house with us!  Also, the outpouring of love and support, even from people I don't know, has been the sustaining fuel.  It has been unbelievable.  I cannot begin to tell everyone how wonderful they have been and how that has helped me get through this.  We will build back, at some point.  I cannot imagine NOT having my Danes running all over our 20 acres!  God Bless!

Here are the Danes that were lost in the fire on January 8, 2014. Click on each name on the left for more pictures and pedigrees of our beloved Great Danes. 

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