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Puppy Contract



I, Karen Lovett of Woodson Ridge Danes, hereinafter referred to as the Seller and

___________________________, hereinafter referred to as the BUYER, agree to the following terms and conditions.

This Great Dane puppy was whelped by ________________________ on ______________.  This puppy is registered from   _____________________________________________.

You, the Buyer will be responsible for regular veterinary care, including the remainder of the vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and periodic worming.  All our puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.  I ask that you take your puppy to your vet within the first 72 hours to be checked out, so you are confident you have received a healthy puppy.  It is common for a puppy to acquire worms (paracites) along his first few months, so don’t be alarmed.  These can come from picking up a flea to walking and playing where his poop is.  This is a normal puppy thing but still needs to be treated. A shot record will be included with your puppy package.

Please note, just because your puppy has begun his vaccinations does NOT make him immune to disease! DO NOT take your puppy to the dog park or pet stores until all vaccinations are completed plus an additional week.  This is after the 16-week shots which should include a Rabies.  You never know when someone has brought their dog to this area and it could be carrying any of these diseases. Socializing is very important but not until after all vaccinations are completed.  We have socialized your puppy here with older Danes and lots of visitors and children.

In the event that the buyer finds they are unable to keep this puppy for any reason, they agree to contact Seller in order that the Seller may help find a home for the dog.  This will ensure that our babies do not end up in a shelter or worse.

In the event there is a genetic defect with your puppy, we will replace the puppy.  There are no refunds.  You will need to show proof of health records and two vet reports.  This guarantee if for 1 year from the date of birth of the puppy.  If there are any genetic issues, they will almost always show up in the first year.  With this guarantee being stated, let me just say, having to replace your baby at 8 months or some point along the first year is devastating.  It isn’t about the money or replacement puppy; it is the fact that you have fallen in love with this baby and you will not want to “trade him/her in” on another one.  That is why we go the extra mile to be sure we only breed the healthiest dogs.  Our dogs are not bred until they are at or near the 2-year-old mark.  By then, we know their personalities and good/bad traits. If they are nervous, skittish, etc., we do not breed them.  We will spay/neuter them and find them a good home.  All our dogs are very outgoing and have never met a stranger.  These traits will pass to their puppies.  That’s why we are picky!

Also, our puppies are born with Valerie (my daughter-in-law) and myself the entire first 24-48 hours.  The dewclaws are removed by day 2.  I take the puppies to the vet at 3 weeks for their first complete physical.  They will return at 6 weeks for their shots and micro-chipping.  All our puppies are micro chipped!


The Buyer agrees not to begin strenuous exercise and physical training with the puppy until he/she has reached a minimum of twelve to eighteen months of age.  This is to prevent damage to the puppy during the formative years (growth plates, etc.).


A last few tips:  Please remember, this cute little puppy will be very big soon.  Train him/her now as you would like them to behave at full grown size.  I cannot stress enough the importance of leash training and basic commands.  You MUST become the alpha so the Dane will always respect and obey you.  They may be cute and fuzzy now, but they will grow into those feet!



This contract is mutually agreed upon this _______________ day of _____________, 20


Buyer: ___________________________________



Seller: ___________________________________

             Karen Kendall LovetI


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